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What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?

If you cannot sleep without adjusting yourself in a certain position every night, that means your favorite sleeping position is your sleep signature.

Sleep signatures tell a lot about a person's mind and behavior. They even reveal a lot of hidden information about a person's health.

Let's make you acquainted with the significance of different Sleep Positions and dig a little more details about each of them.

The "Baby Curl Up" Position

If you commonly sleep in the fetal position where you curl your knees up to your hands, then you are someone who definitely feels the need to be protected, understood, and valued. These people might pretend to be tough on the outside but are vulnerable when it comes to peeping inside their minds and conscience. By curling up like a fetus, they probably try to cut themselves off from tensions and anxiety they face every day. These people also love to paint, dance and write because they are very creative.

The "Stomach Sleeper"

This isn't a very Common Position that many people would find comfortable but for some of you, this might be the only position you love to fix your sleep in. People who sleep on their stomachs are fearless and they don't care about things happening around them. They are natural leaders who are always determined to achieve their goals. However, stomach sleepers can sometimes turn into angry balls because they dislike criticism.

The "Wood Log"

A fraction of people loves to adjust themselves on one side while leaving their hands straight downwards. People who sleep like a log of wood are trustworthy and social counselors who love helping others. These people are always responsibility holders at offices and are very dedicated to everything they do. Although they are sweet commitment freaks, they are very easily tricked by deceptive minds around them too.

The "Yearner For Life"

This position is similar to a wood log, but it slightly differs when we look at the hand gesture. People who sleep in this person lie on one side, either left or right with their hands horizontally open as if they are yearning for something. People who sleep like this are a bit complicated because they are never satisfied with whatever they possess. Although they are open-minded, they are cynical, slow, and suspicious while making important decisions. They become opinionated too and stick to their opinions about someone.

The "Soldier"

Around eight percent of people sleep in this position where they sleep exactly like they would stand in attention with their body straight, lying on their back and with their hands vertically down touching their thighs; laterally. Those who sleep in this position are usually quiet, reserved, and have a stronghold on themselves. They are sophisticated people with high moral codes.

The "Beach Starfish"

This sleeping position looks exactly the way it sounds. People who love to freely lie with their arms and legs open into a "v" whether on their stomach or back are called beach starfishes. These people are carefree, comfortable, and easy-going friends. They love being the center of attraction because they love being complimented. They never get annoyed over little things and always stand up for their friends.

The "Stargazer"

Stargazers always find themselves lying on their backs with their arms wrapped around their heads like anyone would do while watching a starry night on a terrace. These people prioritize friendship a lot and give very wise suggestions. They love to daydream and imagine everything with a much bigger, future proof perspective than others usually do.

The "Pillow Hugger"

The pillow hugger position is adopted by those who love to get snuggly and cuddly in bed. These people love to wrap their arms around pillows every night, which reveals a lot about their real nature too. They give a lot of importance to a close bonding and can't live without the company. If you are a pillow hugger while you sleep, then you definitely are a bit possessive about your belongings.

Irrespective of what your sleep position is, you can still enjoy your sleep with Durfi’s Orthopedic Mattress.

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