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Which Sleeping Position is Best?

Most of us have a certain position in which we like to sleep. Some people like to slumber on their side, some people just lay straight and start dreaming, and so on. It is interesting to note that your regular sleeping position may even convey your personality to some extent.

Some of these sleeping positions may either be beneficial for us while some could be somewhat harmful. By determining what sleeping position does what to our body while sleeping, we can deduct that which sleeping position is the best.

Let us see some of the popular sleeping positions:

Types of Sleeping Positions

Among numerous sleep positions people have all around the world, three common ones are:

Back Sleeping Position

This position is acquired when an individual sleeps on his/her back. Sleeping in this position keeps your back straight. Although most of the doctors recommend sleeping on the back, people who are suffering from back pain may aggravate their back problems when they sleep in this position.

The one benefit that you can get while sleeping in this position is that no part of the body is forced to dramatically bend and flex, which could have led to joint pain and back problems. This position is cosmetically beneficial as well because when you sleep on your back, your face is in the air and not smooshed into the pillow, and that leads to fewer wrinkles.

Some famous Back sleeping positions that individuals sleep in are Soldier and Starfish.

Stomach Sleeping Position

Many people love to grab their pillow and sleep on their stomachs. However, it has some disadvantages.

Sleeping on the stomach can cause neck pain and back pain as they get misaligned from their neutral position, as their head is turned to the sides. Moreover, sleeping on the stomach can cause tingling, numbness, and nerve pain as this position puts pressure on the nerves. Stomach sleepers usually sleep in a free fall position.

Side Sleeping Position

This one is the most common form of sleeping position. This can either be Log, Fetal, Yearner, or Spooning. These all are common forms of side sleeping and only differ in how the limbs are adjusted while sleeping.

Side sleepers usually sleep either on their left or on their right side. Apart from how the organs function when they sleep in whatever situation, it is said that sleeping on the left side is more advantageous than sleeping on the right, as it helps in the digestion process while sleeping.

However, sleeping on the side has its share of disadvantages. People who sleep on their side may feel the tingling and numbness in their arms and shoulders. Sometimes, side sleeping may put a tremendous amount of pressure on one side and the sleeper may suffer from extensive shoulder and neck pain.

Out of all these, people may have their favorite sleeping position. However, their favorite position and the position in which they sleep can differ. This difference in sleeping position may be determined by the pain and stiffness in their body and the least aggravating sleeping position may not be their favorite position.

This brings us to the segment where we understand what position is best suited for you.

Which Position Suits You

For Normal People

The person who is not suffering from any pain and does not have any particular physical problem can lie in their favorite sleeping position to drift off in slumber. It can either be back sleeping, side sleeping, or the stomach sleeping.

However, it is recommended to never sleep on the stomach as this position causes more harm than good.

People Who Snore

For people who have sleep apnea or who snore during their sleep, it is recommended for them to sleep on their sides. They should always avoid sleeping on their backs. However, the sleep position that is not ever recommended can benefit them from snoring is the stomach sleeping.

People Having Back Pain and Neck Pain

Side sleeping works best for people who suffer from back pain and neck pain. This sleeping position disperses the pain from the back and neck throughout the body. It works best when you keep a pillow between your legs while sleeping on your side, to prevent putting too much pressure on the hips.

Pregnant Women

It is recommended for pregnant women to sleep on their sides. Since sleeping on their back may put tremendous pressure on their backs and organs, stomach sleeping is not even an option, hence sleeping on their sides provide maximum support to their body as well as to the baby. Also, a Fetal Position, which is acquired when you curl your knees towards your body, is helpful for pregnant women.

The one thing to keep in mind while sleeping in any position is: align your head, shoulders, and hips in a straight line so that your neutral body posture is maintained.

The best sleep is gained when the body is at ease. Apart from being in a good sleeping position, you need to ensure that you are sleeping on a good mattress as well.

Perfect Mattress

A mattress is considered perfect when it provides you the optimum support to your body and gives you a cozy hug when you lie down on your bed. This quality appropriately describes Durfi Mattress. This mattress is designed for orthopedic patients, who suffer from back pain regularly. It provides accurate support to their body posture, and comfort to their joints. Apart from the support, this mattress appropriately hugs your body at the heavier areas and gives you the firm support at the weak areas, so you can feel your mattress adjust based on how you sleep.

Go on, experiment with your sleeping position, and the rest is supported by Durfi

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