What Is Hempseed Oil Mattress And Its Benefits

April 15, 2024

Sleep is the ultimate source of rejuvenation and comfort. While we sleep our body recovers and mends, which is why we all need at least 6 to 8 hours of good sleep. For that, a good Quality Mattress is highly important.

Among all the mattress options available both online and offline, Hempseed mattress has come forward as a popular option among customers around the world. And rightly so! As it offers a range of benefits that attract different types of sleepers looking for natural and sustainable comfort.

So, if you too are thinking of buying a Hemp Seed Oil Mattress, you might find it helpful to understand how it is made, and what benefits it offers.

What is a Hemp Seed Oil Mattress?

Hempseed mattresses are quite a new innovative step in the sleep industry. In India, there is a huge collection of herbs and plants which offers numerous benefits, and Hemp is one of those plants. Generally, it is considered a weed and many people only know use it for intoxication purpose. However, it is more than that. From its stem to its leaves and seed many parts of hemp part has multiple uses and benefits. This is the reason it has been used for ages for a variety of purposes and uses like textiles and clothing, paper, and the making of health products such as CBD oil.

And, in recent years it has also gained quite popularity in the bedding industry. To make mattresses or accessories, it is either used as fibres, coir or as oil, infused in the foam layers.

The Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil Mattress

  • Makes Your Bed Hypoallergenic

Hemp is a super plant that is naturally hypoallergenic and non-toxic. When infused in foam, it makes the foam hypoallergenic, which helps to keep microbes and harmful germs out of your mattress. So even if you are sensitive to allergens, you can be assured that you have a hygienic and safe sleep experience.

  • Cool Comfort And Temperature Regulation

Hemp, its seed and oil is known to have cooling and thermoregulating properties, which helps to provide pleasant, comfortable and relaxing sleep. This is one of the reasons why it makes for a great option for mattresses, bedding and clothing.

hemp seed oil mattress

It helps to control and regulate your body temperature regardless of the season. When the weather is hot and humid, the hemp mattress keeps you cool, and when it’s cold, the hemp mattress helps to retain warmth keeping you warm and cosy. So whatever the weather and time, you’ll sleep comfortably and won’t wake up feeling uncomfortable.

  • Eco Friendly for a touch of nature

Maintaining sustainability in the process of making mattresses can be tricky, as most foams are made with synthetic and chemical-based materials. However, because hemp is a highly sustainable material, using it helps to make mattresses a little more eco-friendly and sustainable.

This plant requires minimal water to grow and as it is naturally pest-repellent, it requires very little pesticide and fertilizers. It is also an easy-to-grow crop that thrives in various conditions, doesn’t need much care and can contribute to improving soil health. By using hemp in mattresses, manufacturers create eco-friendly products and reduce the use of less sustainable materials.

  • Provide Extra Comfort And Relaxation

Hempseed is known for its inherent stress-relieving and relaxing properties. For many years, it has been classified as cannabis, therefore people have been afraid of using it. But in recent years, scientists and the government have allowed its use in medicine, textile, bedding etc. When employed in a mattress, these qualities can indirectly help to relieve stress and anxiety, resulting in a more pleasant and restful sleep experience.

  • Best Hemp Seed oil infused mattresses in India

Over the years, the Indian bedding and sleep industry has grown so much and offers a wide range of mattresses, ranging from memory foam and latex to pocket springs and Bonnell springs. Yet, regardless of its many notable benefits, the use of hemp in sleep solutions is still very rare and many people are still unaware of its extraordinary benefits.

Durfi Hempseed Oil Mattress

However, by understanding its quality, properties and benefits, Durfi makes Hempseed Oil Infused Mattresses, offers ultimate comfort that helps you sleep better and more comfortably every night.


Hempseed oil mattresses are a fantastic choice for both your comfort and environment. It is made from using hempseed oil which is known for its eco-friendly and relaxing properties. When combined with other elements like foams and innerspring, these mattresses offer many benefits like temperature regulation, stress-free relaxation and hygienic sleep experience, making it suitable for people with sensitivities or those looking for ultimate comfort.

So if you are looking for a relaxing, comfortable and nature-based mattress for nights of rejuvenation, hempseed mattresses are the perfect solution. Plus by choosing it you are not just ensuring your comfort but also helping the planet.

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