Why is Durfi Mattress Best for Every Type of Sleeper?

March 21, 2020

We all sleep in our own way. Some of us like to cuddle up the pillow on our side to sleep, while some of us build a fort of the pillow around us to sleep comfortably. Not only this, many of us sleep in weird positions that may sometimes feel like someone is about to dive into the battleground in their dream. Not kidding, some of the Weird Positions that most of us sleep in are really quite bizarre, like the Sleep-fighter (looks like a person sleeping besides is about to get punched), Crashlander (no concept of head of the bed or foot at all, may sleep diagonally even), the Pillow Armer (the one who sleeps on stomach but keeps arms below the pillow), and many more.

However, no matter what type of sleeper you are, every person wants to adjust to their comfortable position to sleep on their bed. Here, we have Durfi Mattress for you, that is designed in such a way that you don’t have to toss and turn to find your comfort throughout the night and supports you every kind of sleeping position, no matter what type of sleeper you are.

Let us see how Durfi Mattress is the right kind of mattress for every type of sleeper.

Back Sleepers

This is the most uncommon position to sleep in to but these types of sleepers find comfort while sleeping on their backs, and there can be various reasons for it. The most common reason is that sleeping on the back is good for maintaining the health of the spine and the proper posture of the body. This position supports the natural curve of the spine, provided that the mattress they sleep on is giving them enough support.

Durfi Mattress provides you with the maximum comfort and support in this type of sleeping position. This mattress is made of Cotton Candy Memory Foam, which is ultra-effective in giving the sleeper the proper support to the back, as it adjusts to the shape of the body. Hence, proper support to the back means proper sleep at night.

Side Sleepers

These kinds of sleepers require support on the weaker areas of the body, such as neck area and waist area. It is difficult to maintain proper spine alignment while sleeping on the side because the spine does not have proper support. If you’re using the soft mattress, then the posture will get distorted because the body will sink into the mattress. On the other hand, if you’re using the firm mattress, you’ll most likely experience pain and soreness in the shoulders and hip area the next day, because of the misalignment and pressure on these areas throughout the night.

Hence, it is recommended for side sleepers to get a medium-firm mattress that appropriately supports the weaker and heavier areas of the body, and Durfi orthopedic memory foam mattress is designed to do just that.

Stomach Sleepers

As comforting as it may sound to just crash into the bed and sleep with face down after a long stressful day, this type of position makes one struggles to get proper support for their back and neck. This type of sleeping position is the main reason for most people to experience soreness and pain in the neck and back region. This type of sleeper also requires the mattress which supports the weaker areas of the body such as the neck and the waist. Also, placing the pillow under your pelvic area can improve the posture if you love sleeping in this position.

The firm support provided by Durfi mattress in this sleeping position is unmatched, in combination with the cozy feeling of relaxation you get on the soft surface of Durfi Mattress.

Durfi Mattress is the perfect fit for people who love to sleep in, no matter whatever the weird position gives them comfort. This orthopedic mattress is designed to provide comfort and support in every possible sleeping position one can invent (hey, people love to experiment for sleep!).

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