Why Online Mattress Purchase is Better than Mattress Bought From a Retail Store?

December 04, 2019

Studies suggest that we spend a major part of our life in sleep, which can also be implied that most of our time in life we’re on a bed. Doesn’t it become necessary to pick the best, the most comfortable and Affordable Mattress? Don’t you want your resting period to be smooth and stress-free?

This is when real trouble arises. It is in choosing where to buy your mattress from; online or offline? There are misconceptions like trying a mattress by lying on it and changing positions. It is even said that you should make sure you lie both on your back as well as your stomach when trying out a mattress in a store. But, these delusions stand weak when you’re presented with the advantages of buying a mattress online.

Statistics show that Buying Mattresses Online is in trend as opposed to buying one in a brick-and-mortar store. So, the only way to pick the right mattress is by making comparisons and by weighing your choices. Here, we have listed the main questions that arise in your mind when you’re buying a mattress for your bed.


The most attractive advantage of buying a mattress online is the price. Since, there are no overhead costs involved, as well as no retail competitive environment, the Prices are Genuine and Affordable.

Attractive Offers

Another bonus point of buying mattresses online is that they offer a higher discount than offline stores. You can also avail attractive offers and coupon code during the festive season. So, grab a great deal on mattress now with Durfi.

24*7 Availability

What’s better than buying your favourite mattress anytime and anywhere?! As we know online mattress stores are open 24 hours, you can browse and buy your choice of sleeping cloud whenever you want in just a few clicks.

Benefit of Time

Buying a mattress in stores requires a lot of time and hard work since you have to compare your options from store to store, whereas looking at a catalogue online not only saves time but gives you comfort from placing orders in just a few clicks.

Information Available

As compared to physical stores where an individual representative provides you with insufficient information, online stores present to you a detailed description of the product you are buying. From the quality of foam used, to the layers of the mattress to even the measure of bounciness, online websites supply you with every essential information regarding your mattress and don’t leave out even the tiniest facts.


We are all familiar with how helpful customer reviews turn out to be when planning to purchase something online. The same goes for mattresses. With dozens of buyers reviewing the product in terms of comfort, delivery services, and post-sales queries, as well as their experiences with the purchase, it becomes easy to make the right choice.

Ease of Delivery

Buying a mattress online allows you to enjoy the luxury of having your desired mattress delivered to you at your doorstep. Durfi goes even a step further and delivers the mattress to your doorstep completely free.

Customer Services

While stores have sales representatives who are driven by commission opportunities, online shops have better customer services because they have a dedicated team to address all customer queries and provide the most viable resolution.


Return policies are always clarified within the product descriptions. They are usually free, and there is never the hassle of refunds and store credits, hence saving you from any and all troubles if at all you are not satisfied with the product delivered.


These are some of the factors by which we assess the quality of the mattress before buying it, and an online mattress store aces all criteria. And, it is no wonder that online mattress store like Durfi stands out in all measures such as cost, value, convenience, delivery, and return policies.

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