7 Tips To Sleep Correctly With Your Pillow

June 16, 2023

A pillow is a piece of bedding designed to keep your head and neck level with your spinal cord. To provide support, relieve excessive pressure, and balance the head and shoulders with the lower body. If used correctly, it can have a great impact on your sleep and body; if not, it can create neck and shoulder pain, disrupt your spine alignment, and be the source of many serious disorders.

These cushions for comfort come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, including down, feather, cotton, foam, and a variety of other fillings. You can select one of them based on your preferences. Some types are superior to others in terms of benefits, while others may suit particular persons. Down or feather pillows may aggravate the allergy and may not be suitable for some persons. Whereas many people find a memory foam pillow to be much more comfortable than a cotton-filled one.

Although it is vital to get the right pillow for your specific needs, it is equally critical to use it correctly for a better sleep experience. Here's how to do that:

Choose The Right Pillow

First and foremost, choosing the proper pillows is a personal decision that is influenced by personal preferences and needs so you must select and purchase the appropriate pillow accordingly. To buy best pillow in India, you need to choose the size, shape, filling, fabric, firmness and thickness.

Choose the right pillow

In terms of filling, pillows, there are several varieties: down, fibre-filling, feather-filled, foam, and latex. For firmness, you need to consider what suits you according to your sleep position, for example, a harder cushion is better for side sleepers, while a softer one is better for back and stomach sleepers. Choose pillows made of permeable fabric that will keep your head and neck cool.

Uphold Proper Alignment

To maintain a proper spine alignment, it is critical to keep your head, neck, and spine in a proper position; not overly inclined up or bent downwards. If your neck and head are uplifted or bent downwards it can put stress and strain and sleeping in the same position every night can turn into acute pain. Although mattresses support the majority of the body and spine, pillows help to keep the uppermost part of the body at level with the rest of the body. It reduces tension and discomfort, by sufficiently supporting strained areas.

Maintaining appropriate alignment is especially critical for people who have cervical, Spondylosis, or other spine-related problems. If you use a pillow that does not keep your head, neck, and shoulders properly, it might add pressure and cause pain, interrupting your sleep.

Pillow firmness

Choose of Correct Firmness

Pillow’s firmness, like mattress firmness, is very significant and subjective. But in general, we recommend selecting a cushion that is firm enough to keep your head and neck aligned. However, as previously stated, comfort is subjective, and what works best for you depends on your preferences and situation. Choose pillows that are firm enough to keep your head, neck, and shoulders in a comfortable position while not putting strain on them. If you want to determine if your pillow is comfortable or not, take attention to how your neck feels when you wake up in the morning; is it stiff and strained or entirely relaxed? If you have stiffness, you should definitely change your pillow and use a better one.

Adjust The Height

Check to see if the height or thickness of the cushion is appropriate for your body size and sleeping posture. It should bridge the space between your neck and the mattress while also providing enough support. When you place your head on a pillow, it should not sink in too deeply or remain too high, since both can cause neck and upper shoulder pain, so choose a pillow height that improves your sleep experience. When in doubt, try out different cushion heights to find which one works best for you. Alternatively, use a wrapped sheet or towel as a neck support to determine the right height that is most comfortable for you, and then buy a pillow of the same thickness.

Replace Old Pillows

Pillows lose their shape and supportiveness over time. The filling gradually compresses or creates lumps, which can be problematic. In general, pillows degrade and cease to provide comfort after around 1-2 years, at which point it is necessary to replace them. Look for indicators like lumps, flattening, and lack of adequate support to determine when it's time to replace your old pillows.

hypoallergenic pillow

Maintain Hygiene

A pillow not only loses its supportiveness and comfort over time, but it also accumulates dust mites, allergies, and bacteria. These could result in allergies and respiratory disorders such as sneezing fits, coughing, and breathing difficulties. Especially if you sleep on your stomach with your face downward.

Maintain pillow hygiene by cleaning it on a regular basis to prevent allergens and bacteria build-up. Dust the pillows regularly, and wash their covers. Also, follow the manufacturer's directions and choose washable covers, it will contribute to a healthier sleep environment.

Use Additional Support

Pillows are not only useful for supporting your head and neck, but they can also provide significant additional support. If you need additional back or lower back support, position a pillow behind your back or between your knees to help align your hips and relieve strain on your lower back. However, do not use more than one cushion under your head. Experiment with various pillow placements to determine what works best for you.

To use it fittingly, you must first purchase pillows that provide the necessary comfort, support, and firmness. In general, you can select between soft and firm options, although your needs may vary depending on the day and your sleeping position. A single pillow with a defined firmness cannot possibly be suitable for every user and sleep position. You might be experiencing the same issue and in need of a good solution, and the solution is the Durfi Dual Comfort Dr. Pillow.

Comfort and support pillow

The Dr. Pillow's best feature that distinguishes it from the competition is its dual comfort; soft and firm. Intended to provide comfort for individuals who enjoy soft pillows or firm support. This cushion is comprised of memory foam and latex-like foam, with one soft and one hard side. So, whether you prefer a soft or firm cushion, Dr. Pillow is a perfect choice.

With its permeable fabric cover and Air Flow technology to adjust the temperature for sweat-free sleep, it also addresses issues of breathability and hygiene. Because of its size and design, it provides adequate support for your neck, head, and shoulders. It is also available in a height that is neither too low nor too high, but just perfect.


We all require pillows to sleep comfortably, but using the wrong one or using it wrongly causes discomfort, stiffness, and tension. As a result, we recommend that you consider your needs when

Selecting and using pillows. Make sure you buy pillows that are of the perfect hardness and thickness, the right size and form, and maintain their hygiene. Replace your old pillows with new ones when it gets compacted, flat, and lumpy and no longer provide support and comfort.

You can sleep better and more peacefully and wake up refreshed if you use the right pillow and use it correctly. Check out the Durfi pillow for personalized and dual comfort, and while you're at it, check out our mattresses to improve your sleep experience even more. Please contact us if you require assistance or have any queries to buy mattress online.