How Do You Know It’s Time to Change your Pillows?

August 22, 2019

Is your pillow your companion at night?

Does the thought of changing your pillows make you feel uncomfortable?

Then, congrats, you’ve grown emotionally attached to your pillow. But, you need to break the bond. Your unconditional love for your years’ old pillow might not be hurting your heart but everything else

How? Let’s see.

We often think that it is not essential to consider changing the pillow, but what we might not realize is that this can severely affect the health in the long run. There are tons of blogs and articles written about how one can take care of the mattress and the sleeping environment. However, we tend to forget to dwell on the effectiveness of the pillow.

Just like the mattress, the pillow has a shelf life too. And it is much shorter than that of the mattress.

So, how do you know that your pillow has reached past its shelf life and its time for a break-up? Here are some pointers.

Morning Allergies

Every time you wake up in the morning, you start sneezing all over. Then after some time, the sneezing goes away. And then it happens again the next morning. When this happens, you wonder why do you sneeze so much.

It is most likely that your pillow is the culprit. If it's been years that you haven't changed your pillow, then allergens may have started growing in the pillow and hence, making you vulnerable to allergies. The ultimate sign of allergies due to such allergens (dust mites, molds, etc.) is sneezing.

Stiff Neck and Upper Back

Does it ever happen to you that whenever you wake up in the morning, you have stiffness and pain in your neck, shoulders, and upper back? It is most likely caused by an ineffective pillow.

Since your pillow is not providing proper support to your neck and spine, you are likely to wake up with the stiffness and pain in your neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Lumps In The Pillow

Let's imagine that you’re adjusting your pillow and all set to go to sleep. You make yourself comfortable by pressing the mattress and pillow. And you feel there are some lumps in your pillow, but you choose to ignore or may not even think its attention-worthy.

In reality, the lumps in the pillow tell the age of the pillow. The more the lumps, the more it has become ineffective. A simple thumb rule: if you can feel lumps in your pillow, it is already past its effective life.

Not Fluffy Anymore

Forget about the lumps for a while. But, if you’re all setting up for the sleep and adjusting your pillow by fluffing it up, you should consider this as a sign that it may have lost its effectiveness.

Not fluffy pillow means that it’ll not be able to provide you the support for which you’ve bought it in the first place.

Fold The Pillow and It Remains Folded

You love the flexibility of the pillow; how easily you can fold it and it just jumps back to its original shape. But, what if it doesn’t? Time to move on and find a new one; this pillow is done.

Your Skin Is Breaking Out

If your skin is breaking out, then apart from the stress and unhealthy diet, contact with dirty surfaces is another prominent reason for skin acne.

If you see that the pillow has some oil stains on it, you can be sure that your pillow is being overused. Changing the pillow covers may help but the mold will keep on accumulating on it. Consider changing your pillow if you see these kinds of stains on your pillow.

It Doesn’t Feel Comfortable

Flipping the pillow over and over again throughout the night. Does it seem like you?

Then it shows that you’re not comfortable, either because of the heat or with insufficient support. This is what ultimately results in acne, stiff neck, stiff back, etc., and it is a huge sign that you need to change your pillow.

You Forgot The Last Time You Changed Your Pillow

Try hard and remember the last time you bought that pillow. If it takes you a while and you can’t exactly remember the last time you bought your pillows, you definitely need to throw them out.

Change In Sleeping Position

Apart from the most prominent sign that you have a stiff neck and back, if you think that your Sleeping Position has changed, then it’s time to find the reason for it.

Nobody wants to purposely change their most comfortable sleeping position, until and unless there is an external force to it. This external force can be the body's limitations, the mattress, or the pillow. Observe closely.

Now that you have all the signs that tell you when you should consider changing your pillow, it's time to explore your choices. The one thing that will stick to the mind if you’re Buying a New Pillow is whether you should buy the hard pillow or the soft pillow.

Don’t worry. Unlike other good things in life, you don’t have to make a compromise here.

Dual Comfort Dr. Pillow is the one that takes care of all your pillow needs. It is one pillow that has one hard and one soft side. So, whether you like the soft pillow or the hard pillow or like to switch in between the two, you can have one and enjoy both ways.

Your love for your pillow may seem natural; just make sure it's not eternal.

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